We at the Smartgrow are experienced professionals in supporting you in solving wide range of problems people might face when building up or reforming organizations of various sizes. Estonia's Best Top Manager of the year 2014 Lauri Tabur, together with professionals in the field of organizational reforms, are there to ensure your teams and organizations are built up or reformed in the most effective way. The experience of the Smartgrow team has been tested in supporting and reforming the organizations not only in Estonia but also in various international challenges around the world. For further information feel free to contact us. We are always there for you!

Lauri Tabur

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Building capabilities

Our experience at Smartgrow shows that the capabilities that organizations need most have evolved, but competences of building those skills have not. The understanding of well functioning structures and inter-personal relations are one of the core competences of our experts. Just get in touch with us for more on building capabilities!

Reforming organizations

Reality is that an organization is as strong as its ability to change. We at the Smartgrow are experienced professionals in organizational change ready to either coach your teams to be prepared or to be part of your planning process to keep the whole organization targeting the highest possible standards. Just feel free to contact us to see the possibilities we can provide!

Hard talks

One of the most challenging task in being a leader are hard talks with members of your team or organization. From optimizing a structure to interrogational fraud fighting methods are all the part of leadership practices managers often fail. We at the Smartgrow are experienced professionals helping you to build up the conversations or to conduct those by ourselves. Feel free to contact us for more on hard talks!

Leadership coaching

Not all managers are born leaders. We at the Smargrow believe that the best leaders are not born but grown out of experience. Professionals of Smartgrow are there to coach you through the most challenging experiences you might have while growing. Feel free to contact us for more on coaching!


Lauri Tabur


CEO & Founder of Smartgrow Lauri Tabur is the award winning leadership professional, entrepreneur, executive coach and evangelist of modern leadership practices with significant experience in change management and reforming hard organizations. He is the winner of Estonia’s Best Top Manager Prize of 2014 and Estonia’s Dream Employer Prize of 2013.

Under his leadership the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences was nominated as the first Estonian higher educational institution to be Institutionally accredited by international quality assessors’ panel in 2011. Academy was also nominated to the Nordic Quality Innovation Award first prize in 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. From 2012 to 2014 the Academy together with Finnish partners helped to establish the internal security training system in Kosovo; for now the relevant Academy has been internationally accredited and is fully functional. Today Lauri Tabur continues supporting the Western Balkan public sector organisations in achieving excellence in cooperation with GIZ GmbH and European Commission.


Lauri Tabur


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(+372) 50 600 94

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